Heating Panels

Sunnyheat panels come with a wireless thermostat – IST

The heating panels are available in diverse sizes and capacities.

What do you need to get to enjoy this revolutionary heat?

1. Infrared panels

The size and intensity of the panel are determined to be used for a certain size of a room. Every panel has a sensor and software that can be controlled by a thermostat. Ideal ceiling height between 2.5 and 3.5 meters.

2. Digital wireless thermostat

The thermostat is wireless and operates on a battery. The thermostat measures the difference between the desired temperature and the actual temperature of the room. Until the temperature is reached the thermostat orders the panel to heat.

This thermostat can be programmed extensively. You can indicate at what time a room needs to have a desired temperature.

Each panel comes with its own thermostat, but you can control several panels with just one thermostat. Suppose you have two panels in an L-shaped room, one panel above the dining table and one above the settee. You can set the first panel at 20° (dining) and the second panel at 23° (settee). In that way you can completely control each panel and each room in your house.

The panels

The panels heat the room very quickly. You have a ‘rapid-heating’ option on your thermostat if you want to speed up the process even more. The glass plate consists of security glass and is available in WHITE/ MIRROR / BLACK, standard pictures and customised with paintings of your own choice.

What does the heating cost on a yearly basis?

It’s difficult to give an exact estimation of costs, because of the fluctuation of energy prices, the outside temperature, the temperature you control by your thermostat and the insulation of your house. To give you an idea about the costs we give you this example:

We use averages on a house in Europe with a living space of 150m2.

2600 degree days* x 150 m2 x 25 W/m2/h x 0.28 = 2730 KWh x 0.20 euro = € 546 – energy costs per year.

*What are degree days
The number of degrees that the average 24h temperature of the day is below 18,0°C. A day with an average temperature of 16°C has 2 degree days.
All degree days are totaled for a year and gives you the measure of how much coldness has existed in that year.

Energy saving technology!

Sunnyheat is a new generation of high-tech infrared technology, a friendly and healthy ecological, economic energy heating source. These infrared heating panels are the first in the world equipped with a wireless IST (Intelligent Saving Thermostat) with an integrated PID- controller. Sunnyheat has realised a 70 to 80 % reduction in energy expenses as compared to convection heating.

The heating panels in combination with the IST heat a room with between 20 to 30kWh per m2 / year. Gas heating uses 118kWh per m2 and oil even more. As well as that with the infrared technology you don’t have any CO2 emissions in the eco system. In combination with a solar energy system you avail over the cheapest heating system in the world.


Sunnyheat can be used in homes, swimming pools, spas, industry, offices, hospitals, schools, companies, green houses, government buildings and many other applications.