How does Sunnyheat Infra Red Heating Work?

Infra red waves are part of the natural light spectrum from the sun, without skin-damaging ultraviolet radiation. NASA and other space agencies have utilized infrared heating technology and it has revolutionized health and beauty products all over the world.

Infra red long waves are a form of light energy from the sun, but due to the longer wavelengths the human eye cannot see them. Sunnyheat™ panels emit infrared waves of 10.000 nanometers for all living things.

Infra red long waves have the properties to penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect. This is the difference between infra red heating and the common convection heating methods.

The Sunnyheat Infrared heating method

With infra red heating two separate heating mechanisms are used: radiant heat and isolation of the air. When you have a cold room of 0°C and you turn on the infra red heating, radiant heat will be maximal and the air temperature minimal. While the air temperature is rising, the radiant heat will diminish. After a while the air in the room has a temperature of for example 18°C. Now the air temperature and the radiant heat remain constant.

This means that there is a balance of the air temperature and radiant heat which causes a comfortable climate. This climate is comparable to a feel-temperature of around 20°C. The advantage is that you feel comfortable at lower air temperatures than with conventional heating (just the air gets heated).